Greg Dovel and his team of lawyers at Dovel & Luner do high stakes business litigation across the nation. Two things stand out about his firm. First, success-based fees. A business with a legal claim will often forego (or dramatically discount) the claim to avoid the risk of paying large legal fees and costs when the potential return from enforcing the claim is uncertain. Greg’s firm handles high-stakes litigation matters on a full contingency basis, including covering all out-of-pocket costs. They get paid for success, not for billing hours. Second, extreme quality. Greg was a Supreme Court law clerk and his team is highly-credentialed from top to bottom. The firm is built to win and, as a result, they have an 84% win rate at trial.

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA

LICENSED TO PRACTICE IN: United States Supreme Court, United States Courts of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and the Federal Circuit, six federal District Courts (E.D. Tex., E.D. Cal., N.D. Cal., S.D. Cal., C.D. Cal., D. Col.), and California.

CURRENT FIRM: Dovel & Luner, LLP

PRIOR FIRM(S): Kaye Scholer

LAW SCHOOL: Harvard University


Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Intellectual Property

(Litigation — Patent, Litigation — Trade Secret, Copyright, Trademark and Unfair Competition)

NOTABLE ROLES/EXPERIENCE: Law Clerk for Chief Justice Warren E. Burger and Associate Justice Antonin Scalia of the United States Supreme Court; Law Clerk to Ninth Circuit Judge J. Clifford Wallace